The Valley of the Paper Mills

Of special interest is the Valle delle Cartiere (Papermakers’Valley) in Toscolano where the remains of ancient industrial buildings can be seen: in fact here it is possible to join historic and naturalistic requirements.

Toscolano has its historical roots in the Valley of the Paper Mills, paper-making centre located on the shore of the Lake Garda, considerable fame and productive tradition started in the fifteenth century.

The town Maina is the central part of the Valley of the Paper Mills.

Until 1928, when Toscolano and Maderno were combined into a single administrative entity, Maina has historically been the hub of a network of trails that connected the valley to the neighbouring towns.

The picturesque landscape, hard to imagine for those who take the road that runs along the lake, and the richness of the evidences attesting the paper production of the past, makefrom Valle delle Cartiere Toscolano, one of the most original place in the Alto Garda Bresciano Regional Park and one of the most interesting archaeological and industrial areas in Italy.

The end the torrents which flow into the Garda Lake run through characteristics ravines, in some cases, very deep, engraved by the rivers themselves. So it is also in the Valley of the Paper Mills between the city of Garda and Quattroruote stretch in which the Toscolano river runs between two high rock walls.


From the landscape point of view the "Bassa Via del Garda" not only allows you to go through the

whole territory of the park from Salò to Limone, staying for long stretches at a short distance from the coast, in a country rich in Mediterranean landscapes and amazing views, it also allows visitors to immerse themselves in seldom visited scenarios.


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